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Mr Masao Uchibori

Governor of Fukushima Prefecture


I would like to say a few words at this memorial event, “A Decade of Recovery in Fukushima”, which is commemorating the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Now a decade will have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. I would like to pray for the victims of the disaster as well as express my heartfelt gratitude to the people around the world for their abundant support and cooperation in our efforts towards the revitalization of Fukushima.

While harmful rumors related to the nuclear disaster still persist and awareness of the disaster is fading, I would like to offer my deepest appreciation to the members of the Fukushima Prefectural Association in London for this memorial event as well as for actively and regularly sharing information about the charms of Fukushima and the status of revitalization in the Prefecture. Thanks to you, Fukushima has been steadily making progress towards revitalization.

I hope that the people attending this online event will not only see Fukushima as it was just after the disaster, a view which is still regarded worldwide, but will be able to see the current situation of Fukushima 10 years later. In addition, I hope you would convey to people around you Fukushima’s beautiful rich nature, unique history and traditional culture as well as its many products such as sake and fruits.

As the spread of COVID-19 continues worldwide, we still remain in a difficult situation. However, with the 10th anniversary of the disaster, I renew my determination and promise that Fukushima Prefecture will put in its utmost effort to push forward towards the reconstruction and revitalization of the Prefecture by combining forces with you and having further sympathy for each other.

Lastly, I wish the members of the Fukushima Prefectural Association in London and those who are watching the event online, continued success in their future endeavors and remain in good health.

Governor of Fukushima Prefecture

Masao Uchibori


東日本大震災追悼イベント「A Decade of Recovery in Fukushima」の開催に当たり、御挨拶を申し上げます。






福島県知事 内堀 雅雄

Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, Mr Masao Uchibori: リスト
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