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Fukushima's Sake  "NINKI-ICHI"
2 people will win❣

"NINKI-ICHI" is a relatively new brewery in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima. They pride themselves on brewing only Ginjo & Daiginjo sake using truly traditional methods and tools. However, their products are very modern and sophisticated. They opt to use conventional wooden tools and steam with a Japanese classic steaming cauldron. Their Koji (fermented rice) is hand-made as well. 
We offer two bottles of Junmai Daiginjo, which is aromatic and crisp, pleasantly dry and slightly sweet, well-balanced with a fresh finish.
[2016, Gold Medal (Main Category) from The Fine Sake Award Japan] [Rice Polishing Ratio: 50%/ -Alcohol Percentage: 15%]

Sweet Baby Peach ”Waka-Momo”
5 people will win❣

You can enjoy a refreshing peach flavour, moderate sweetness and great texture.
The special technique used by the producer enables you to eat the whole baby peaches including stone. The quality does not change even when defrosted. Also the colour does not change even heated at 230℃.

Baby Peach, Sugar, Citric Acid,
Vitamin C, Flavouring Agent


Akabeko - Fukushima's Famous Red Cow 
5 people will win❣

Akabeko is a representative of Aizu's popular handcraft toy. It was first introduced around 1590 and comes from a legend where red cow repelled a plague spread in the area from around the 8th to 12th century. [In Fukushima, cows are called "beko".] The red colour was said to ward off evil, and a child with an Akabeko should have been spared from misfortune. Akabeko is a paper-mache cow made of Japanese paper and is still treasured as a charm against bad luck. The wobbling neck also makes it a popular souvenir for overseas visitors. (Length 18cm / Height 9cm / Width 7cm)

Akabeko Keyring

This is a keyring with an "Akabeko" shown above. The Akabeko keyring is small enough to attach to your bag, keys or mobile phone. You can easily carry it around with you while enjoying its lovely appearance.

As a charm with the power to ward off contagious diseases, the Akabeko is perfect for the present world!

Prize!: スタッフ紹介
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays greet

Products from Fukushima for the winners!

Fukushima Products Prize Draw Details

Find the keyword in Part 2 of the streaming and you could win Fukushima products!

[Prize Details]

Prizes are subject to availability

You must be 18 and over to enter

[How to Enter]

Collect 4 letters appearing in order in our second streaming and find a Japanese word! The letters will come out one at a time. Please search! 

To register for the prize draw, enter the keyword, your comment on the event and contact details in the entry form within 24 hours from the end of the second streaming.   ​

[Announcement of the Winners]

The winners will receive an email with the name of the prize and delivery method.  

Prize!: 追加情報
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