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2:22pm~2:32pm GMT
(23:22~23:32 JST)

Opening Kenbu
(Japanese sword dance) and Dance

Enjoy a performance of Kenbu by
Kikusyu-Ryu school of sword dance and modern Japanese dance groups as an introduction


2:32pm~2:35pm GMT
(23:32~23:35 JST)



2:35pm~2:44pm GMT
(23:33~23:44 JST)

A Decade of Recovery in Fukushima

Memories and records from the day of the disaster to the present day


2:49pm~2:58pm GMT

(23:49~23:58 JST)

Present-day Fukushima

The progressing recovery and changes in  the region and nuclear power plant after the earthquake


2:58pm~3:03pm GMT

(23:58~24:03 JST)

Interviews with people in Fukushima

Interviews with people from the coastal area who experienced the earthquake and tsunami and have lived with the radiation


3:03pm~3:06pm GMT
(24:03~24:06 JST)

A Decade of Fukushima Prefectural Association in UK

A Decade of Fukushima Prefectural Association in UK

A slideshow of their activities in London and Europe to support Fukushima since the disaster


3:06pm~3:12pm GMT

(24:06~24:12 JST)

UK's Fukushima Garden & the Prince William's Park English Garden in Fukushima

Introduction of the gardens and messages from former MP Lady Victoria Borwick and the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


3:12pm~3:16pm GMT

(24:12~24:16 JST)

Message from Mr Eddie Jones and Mr Tomoyasu Hotei

Messages to Fukushima from the current head coach of the England national rugby union team and the Japanese musician living in London


3:16pm~3:25pm GMT

(24:16~24:25 JST)

Beautiful Fukushima

Marvellous scenery and delicious local food that would make everyone want to visit Fukushima


3:25pm~3:26pm GMT

(24:25~24:26 JST)


Finale of the event

Full Programme: スケジュール
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