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Participants in the Programme


Event Moderators

Rie Yoshitake (Fukushima Tourism Ambassador / Sake promotor)
Emma Wilson (Member of Fukushima Association in UK / Former JET participant to Fukushima)


Eddie Jones (Interview)

Head coach of the England national rugby union team and former head coach of Japan national union team.  He visited Fukushima in 2019 and coached local high school rugby players.


Fabulous Sisters (Opening Dance)

A Japanese dance group who won an American TV show World of Dance in 2016 and 2017 with the highest point in its history. 


Future of Traditional Japanese Culture Assoc.

Former children’s dance troupe Satonoko-kai from Hanayagi School of Dance in Fukushima. The association helps children to learn and spread the traditional Japanese culture.


Hamakaze Kirara Commercial Complex (Interview)

In September 2011, they built a temporary shopping street in a small town in Fukushima, and about 5 years later after that, they lighted the first beacon of hope in the opening of the "Hamakaze Kirara".


Dance Studio Vivid (Opening Dance)

A dance studio in Fukushima City which offers a high level dance lessons by the instructors from Fabulous Sisters.  


Japanese Anglican Church (UK) St Martin's

Mission amongst Japanese people to introduce church life in the UK and encourage them to connect to their local church. Support them in respect of spirituality and faith and provide pastoral


Joji Hirota (Music)

Composer, Japanese Taiko Drummer, Multi-Percussionist, Shakuhachi player and Singer. Awarded by Embassy of Japan in UK (2003) in recognition of his contribution to Japanese culture abroad.


Kikushu-Ryu (School of Japanese Sword Dance)

"Kenbu" is a performance using Japanese swords and fans to the accompaniment of poetry. There are over 100 schools of this traditional Japanese art form. In 2019, they danced in Iwaki-city, Fukushima.


KiTEN - Fukushima Organic Cotton Farm

KiTEN plans, develops and sells organic cotton products using traditional cotton grown organically mainly in Iwaki City, Fukushima. They started this business after the disaster.


Kiyomi Hangai  (Interview)

In Naraha, the town where the 2nd nuclear power plant is located, she worked as an employee of the town hall to support the residents, despite being a victim of the disaster herself. (until 2019)


Lady Victoria Borwick (Interview)

Former MP and Deputy Mayor of London, who has been energetically supporting Fukushima and Tohoku after the earthquake as well as her local community


The Mayor, Cllt Gerard Hargreaves (Interview)

Elected to the Council in 2010 for the first time and elected to serve as Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for a year from May 2020.


Tomoyasu Hotei (Interview)

An acclaimed Japanese guitarist, songwriter, composer, performer and record producer who currently resides in London.


Motoki Hirai (Music and Piano)

Pianist, Composer and Goodwill Ambassador of Hirono Town, Fukushima. He has organized numerous Tsunami charity concerts throughout Europe, UK and Tohoku in aid of orphans and children in need.


Fukushima Prefectural Association in UK

An organisation, formed in 1993, of people residing in the UK with a connection to Fukushima prefecture. They have been actively supporting Fukushima since the disaster. Event organiser

Participants: スタッフ紹介
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