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Japanese Anglican Church (UK) St Martin's West Acton

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Japanese Anglican Church (UK), West Acton is a Japanese church based at St Martin’s in London led by Licensed Lay Minister Yuki Johnson. Their mission includes introducing church life to Japanese people in the UK, encouraging them to connect to their local church, supporting them in respect of spirituality and faith, and providing pastoral care. St Martin’s Church had the link with the Diocese of Tohoku, Anglican Church in Japan before the earthquake. They organised a charity concert together with the members of the Japanese Anglican Church and their local volunteers soon after the earthquake. Yuki personally visited the affected area in 2012 and has been organising or participating various memorial services of the Great East Japan Earthquake at different churches in London almost every year since. They have always been keeping a sentence “We Won’t Forget You” in their mind and prayed not only at the memorial services but at different occasions. They will continue to pray for people in Tohoku.  
A memorial service is organised on 6th March this year in stead of 11th, due to the Covid pandemic situation, with help of Wimbledon Japanese Worship Group and South London Japanese Church. On 11th March, the church will be open for a vigil between 10am and 3pm.

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The Memorial Service 2021[5674].png

The 10th Anniversary of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Memorial Service

We Won’t Forget You


6th March (Sat) 2021 3:30pm GMT

The Service will be livestreamed. Pre booking is required via 

During this Memorial Service marking the 10th anniversary of the disaster, we will remember those who died at the time of the disaster, and since as a consequence of it. Also we remember those who are still suffering. We will give thanks for those who have worked for reconstruction and to restore communities. The event will be conducted under COVID-19 rules that apply at the time. It is planned that the event will be livestreamed for those unable to attend. 

Organised by Japanese Anglican Church (UK) St Martin’s West Acton

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Japanese Anglican Church (Silent Prayer): TeamMember
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